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Hi, I’m Sam. I live in London with my family. I’m a Software Engineering Manager at Eigen Technologies.

I’m a technical, AWS Certified, hands-on manager. I lead squads and also contribute to the code. My technical work is mainly focussed on integrating new machine learning capabilities into the Eigen product. This involves working on Python backends and deploying with Kubernetes in the AWS Cloud. I enjoy working in an Agile and DevOps culture, automating where it makes sense and helping my team to be more productive and ship with resilience and speed.

Background #

My background is in Supply Chain and Big Four Management Consulting. I worked for KPMG and EY for a total of almost ten years. I managed projects and people on large-scale technology-enabled business transformations at clients such as Vodafone, SABMiller and Unilever.

In 2017 I decided to change career and become a Software Engineer. I started with freeCodeCamp and then completed two Nanodegrees at Udacity. I landed my first job at Big Health, a provider of digital therapeutics. It was a great place to work, with a truly inspiring mission to help millions back to good mental health. My desire to get closer to machine learning meant I jumped at the chance to work at Eigen Technologies.

Outside of Work #

I enjoy spending time with my family. I love being outdoors and in the summer I enjoy hiking and mountain biking. In the winter, I love to ski. All year round, I like to run and do yoga, watch football, read, and enjoy good food and coffee. I’m European and speak fluent German, mid-level Polish and know some basic Spanish and Italian.

More Info #

If you’d like to chat, please reach out via LinkedIn or Mastodon.